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How to pick magic mushrooms from your grow kit?

As you’re reading this, you are probably well on your way to harvesting your (first) flush. We can imagine the excitement for beginning cultivators, because we’ve all been there :). But wait! There’s one final question that’s burning in your mind: “how do I pick my magic mushroom from my grow kit?”. No worries! The […]

Psilocin and Psilocybin

Psilocin and PsilocybinLeave a comment Kits, MushroomsMarch 10, 2020 Fast Facts: Psilocin and Psilocybin Most of the Magic Mushroom Shop customers are excited by the idea of cultivating fresh goods with an easy to use B+ Magic Mushroom Grow Kit. And they’ve probably had some memorable adventures with High Hawaiian Magic truffles. But why can psychedelics be so much fun? And […]

Advantages of cultivating mushrooms with Liquid Culture

Your 5 favorite magic mushroom strains It’s time to let the people decide! At The Magic Mushroom Shop we’ve been listening to our customers, taking notes at the customer service and observed the recent cultivations of our close friends. This fun research gave us an enlightening overview of the favored strains, which we would like […]